Piko dan Pongo

Hi! This is a children short story which I wrote at 14th August 2012. I planned to publish it at Mombi, an Indonesian magazine for toddler, but perhaps, I was just out of luck, hehe.

Afterwards, I donated this story to Istana Cerita, a social project which initiated by some of my friends in Communication Studies (Lintang, Emde, Nia, Eka, Resti, etc) for their final task. At this project, Lintang and her friends made a mini book which contained a compilation of children stories. I was very happy to see the illustration, but unfortunately, I can't show it here, because the picture disappeared when my Lumia broken. In the end, we also went to an orphanage near Kalasan, Yogyakarta to donated this story book to the children, and told them some story from the book.

Anyway, this story inspired by a conversation with my father. He said, two sons of his friend--who I ever met before at a trip to Bali when I was at fifth grade of ES--was growing up. Just like the other boys, they were easily fight and feel unfair of each other, especially when they had to share their food. (It just happened to me and my brother, anyway). So, their mother tricked them to make them stop argued over food. I was amused when I heard that, so I decided to turn that story as a fabel, hehe.

Please kindly read, use your imagination and enjoy your time! Last but not least, don't forget to put the source if you want to use this story. Don't do any kind of plagiarism, okay?

PS: I'll try to ask my father to make a substitute illustration for this story and if it is possible, I'll make the audio version, hehe. Wish me luck!

Piko dan Pongo Berebut Pisang

Piko dan Pongo adalah dua monyet kecil yang tinggal di Hutan Kaleang. Keduanya sering bertengkar karena berebut makanan, sampai membuat penghuni hutan yang lain menjadi kesal.

source: Pinterest

Suatu hari, Nek Chita, salah satu tetua monyet di hutan, ingin memberi Piko dan Pongo pelajaran. Ia mengundang Piko dan Pongo datang ke rumahnya. Di sana, ia memberi mereka hidangan berupa dua buah pisang yang berukuran sama besar, tapi..

“Curang! Pisang milikmu lebih besar,” sungut Piko.

“Enak saja! Pisang milikmu yang lebih besar,” balas Pongo tak terima.

Piko  dan Pongo tak mau mengalah. Masing- masing merasa diperlakukan tak adil karena merasa diberi pisang yang berukuran lebih kecil daripada yang lain.

“Sudah, jangan bertengkar!” sergah Nek Chita kesal.

Ia lalu memakan sedikit masing- masing pisang itu, sampai dirasa ukuran keduanya sudah sama besar.

“Nah, sekarang ukurannya sudah sama,” kata Nek Chita.

“Belum! Pisang milik Piko masih tetap lebih besar,” bantah Pongo.

Nek Chita geleng- geleng kepala melihat kelakuan kedua monyet kecil itu. Ia lalu memakan lagi kedua pisang tersebut, sampai ukuran keduanya dirasa sudah sama besar, tapi Piko dan Pongo masih tak mau mengalah.

Nek Chita terpaksa memakan pisang itu lagi. Begitu terus berulang kali, sampai kedua pisang itu habis.

“Nah, sekarang kalian tak boleh membantah karena masing- masing sudah menerima bagian yang sama besar. Adil bukan?” kata Nek Chita puas.

Piko dan Pongo hanya bisa menunduk malu. Karena terus berebut dan tak mau kalah, kini mereka malah tak mendapat apa- apa. Sejak itu keduanya tak pernah lagi bertengkar dan berebut makanan.


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