Bookbos, A Treasure for Preloved Imported Books' Hunter

It was 2015, few months after KKN, my friends and I gathered at And/Or Bookstore, a bookstore above Roti Papi Restaurant, which famous of its pizza that baked in wood burning stove, just like in Italy. Its location near Gejayan street, Yogyakarta. And/Or sells preloved imported books, so most of them are written in English. Even they are preloved, but the condition are good and the price ain't expensive. 

From left to right, bottom to top: Grace, Hanna, Me and Nana.
The photo was taken at 4th February 2015.

Then, Mas Gebi, my friend in community of Lektor St. Antonius Padua Kotabaru Church, Yogyakarta told me that Semarang, my hometown, has a similar bookstore, name Bookbos. The location is on Dorang street number 7, Semarang. 

He drew me a map, but I couldn't understand it. Even when I searched the location with my ex-boyfriend, we were lost for few times. After finally found the location, I was very surprise because I've passed the street for several times when I went to the home of my tutor lessons at SHS. Its location behind the railroads which leads to Poncol Station, Semarang. So, honestly the location is around slum area, where flood and rob frequently hit it. 

The building looks very old and has a strong Nederlands-Indische taste (it's kinda creepy, anyway). It consists of two floor. In the front roof, there's a logo and sign which reads "EFHAR". Perhaps it was the left mark from the company which use the building before.

Anyway, at Bookbos, you'll find a lot of preloved imported books about science, hobbies, novel, children, refererence and cook issues. Most of them located in the second floor. To facilitate the customer, the employee made signs to categorize the price. 
  • sticker colour: silver   IDR 130.000
  • sticker colour: violet   IDR  85.000
  • sticker colour: blue     IDR  75.000
  • sticker colour: yellow IDR  58.000
  • sticker colour: orange IDR  45.000
  • sticker colour: red       IDR  30.000
  • sticker colour: green   IDR  17.500
Note: The price nowadays might be different my  notes at 2nd August 2015.

Here are some of the picture of my trip to Bookbos. Sorry, I have no picture about the building. I visited Bookbos in cloudy afternoon, so I am kinda lazy to take a picture of it.

A corner in Bookbos, Semarang.

The book collection of Bookbos.

From the pictures you can see that Bookbos has more collections than And/Or Bookstore. However, at that time, I found no collections which attract me to buy. But I had a pleasure time when I read at glance, a Dilbert's book which titled "Casual Day Has Gone Too Far" from Scott Adams, hehe. 


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