An Unexpected Discharge: Gundih Station

It was 2nd April 2015, one day after my 22nd birthday. I was on train, imagined that in few hours, I would head to Semarang from Solo and celebrate my belated birthday with Mom, Dad and 59th wedding anniversary of my grandparents at home. Then somehow, Kalijaga carriages started to slow down. In few minutes, the train was finally stop at Gundih Station, Purwodadi. They said, the rail plummeted because of the heavy rain the night before.

Almost two hours I had to wait there, in a station which I never knew before. Tired, hungry and bored, I started to ask some sellers if they knew an alternative transportation to Semarang, because at that time, the train officer couldn't give a clear answer about where would the train depart. They said, I could go by bus, but I had to walk to the nearest highway or bus station. Heard their answer, I decided to revoke my plan.

Then, I started to stroll around to get rid of my boredom. Here are some pictures of what I found.

A cloudy morning at Gundih Station.
(Even the toilet building could look very beautiful).

The interior of Gundih Station.
Sometimes this location was used for pre-wedding session.

A foot step.

It seems like I just screwed the format of size and light, haha.

Anyway, after strolled around every side and corner for half hour, the train showed no sign of leaving. Then, I spent my time by contacted Mas Emon, my mentor in Sindo Trijaya FM Yogyakarta. Unexpectedly, he asked me to do a live streaming and report the discharge to the listener. Yay! It was my first experience and I was very excited then. 

Around the 09.30 AM (I forgot the exact time, actually), the train started to depart. We passed the location near heavy stream river, where the rail plummeted before. After that, I gave up to use Kalijaga train again. Aside from the difficulty (I need to stay at my brother's room in Solo so I can catch up the train from Purwosari Station at 05.30), I was afraid if the rail plummet again because of the heavy rain.

However, perhaps it's safer to use Kalijaga train in summer. I try it few times later, but now the landscape disappoints me. No more beautiful scenery at Gundih Station because dozens of giant pipes block the front side of Gundih Station. I don't know what's the function of the pipes, but until now, it stores there for months. Lucky me, I've seen and photographed the  beautiful scenery at Gundih Station before..


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