The Unfinish Question(s) in Mind

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As an observant, I often pile up, then a question suddenly comes in mind. People may think that the question is silly, but I really want to know the answer. So, I think it surely will be fun if I list all the question(s) here. So, here are the list:

  • Why do chicken not be sick when it eats a musty food?
I was very curious about this because when I lived in Yogyakarta, the housekeeper often brought a musty food (such as soup) which we did not eat the night before, to home. She said, her chicken will eat it. I mean, why her chicken did not sick or even dead after eat it? Even human may be poisoned if we dare to eat.
  • Does the sign language applied universal or it is only understood to people in that country?
I started to curious about that when I watch TVRI and Nyle Dimarco (America Next Top Model's winner cycle 22) campaign to learn about sign language.
  • If green bean can grow up as sprout if we put it on wet cotton, then how big is the sprout tree until it bears a green bean as its fruit? 
 Seriously, I was very curious about it..
  • 1 mg of sugar is equivalent to how mg of artificial sweeteners?
I guess if I have finally knew the answer, I will never consume instant beverages again.. The fact that 1 tsp of sugar is equivalent with 4 mg of sugar have shocked me, along with the fact that the average instant beverages contain 16 mg of sugar in 250 ml pack--yes, that tiny pack contains 4 tsp of sugar babe. Now you wonder why people nowadays are easy to get diabetes?
  • Why does Maduranesse satay seller identify himself with black wide pants, red-white stripes t-shirt and black shirt but the Maduranesse barber not?
This is a question which my Dad asked to me, but my curiosity addresses to the red-white stripes t-shirt. Is it a traditional cloth or what? If that so, does the Madura male use that for wedding ceremony? "So casual," commented Andra, my friend.
  • How to pack and build up a crane? 
One day, when I was hanging out with friends, Andra asked about that. Lately, it becomes a curiousity for me and Dad.
  • Why does the translation books in Indonesia are cheaper than the original version in English? 
This is the question which was asked by my SHS friend, Cynthia. I never realized it before but after thinking about it.. yeah, I think that is quite nonsense, considering the fact that publisher need to buy the license, pay someone to translate it, pay the editor, proof-reader, illustrator and all people who connected on the system (such as the production crew, publisher staff, etc). Can someone give me the explanation?
  • In Chinese restaurant, why they always hang on roasted duck along with its head and neck? Meanwhile for roasted chicken not.
Though in daily life, we could eat chicken's head (and brain) and neck, while duck is not. Yeah, well.. I know you say, "Cholesterol."

  • What does the death do in heaven, aside from praying to the living soul in Earth? 
I started to think about this strange question when I put an attention to the prayers in Catholic Mass, particularly if there is an intention to pray for the deceased family. The Padre will say, "And for the spirit of the saint, the deceased family and the faithful, please pray for us who is still living in the earth." That is why I started to wonder that the death in heaven also has activities to do, and theologically, I am curious about what else the death do there. However, if I dare to ask this question to my friend as well as a Jesuit Padre, I believe that he might glare and get angry, huhu.

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