Feeling 23

"What should we do next?" I asked. 

That time, I was at Circle K Jalan Kaliurang with Aziz, my friend from college. CK becomes such a meeting point for us, since I never remember the way to his rent house. As usual, we discuss about some random topics, until the conversation led us to a vivid vision about the task and responsibility of being a 20 something people: make a final task, graduate from college, being a job seeker/ scholarship hunter/ getting married. *end of discussion*

Imho, it is a scary yet confusing responsibility, since we don't know where to start. Lucky us, we were not the first student who graduated from Communication Studies, University of Gadjah Mada year of 2011. So, we could ask some friends who have been experiencing that responsibility.

(In fact, we are kinda late in completing our study, but whatever. That's a forbidden topic which I hate to discuss. I mean, graduating from college is a difficult task, so I couldn't blame myself if I were kinda late, toch? As long I made a progress everyday. Toch I've been fulfilling my college period with some positive activities, such as joined some volunteerism, being active in organizations, did some internships, competition, made various creation, etc. But, wait.. why I have to defend myself too much? Perhaps, deep inside my heart, I'm still disappointed because I've spent more than one year just to finish my final task).

19th August 2016: Welcome to the real jungle, anyway.
At this time, I also realized that in 23 y.o, I have to make some biggest decision in life. And that is the feeling of being a 20 something people, kid. Clueless, optimistic yet in tense because the environment forces us to act like an adult, but honestly, we're just a kid, since we haven't been able to live apart from the parent's source. Explaining about that condition, Aziz was agreed with my conclusion.
Actually an adult is a kid who don't know how to grow up.


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