Seberapa Lama Kamu Bersedia Menunggu untuk Mendapatkan Apa yang Kamu Inginkan?

This is my second article which I wrote for, an user-generated content (UGC) website, focusing on self-wellness. As an UGC website, of course I receive nothing for the article. However, I am happy enough to know that my article finally published in media and see how perhaps, it gives impact to people 😙

Honestly, I am quite surprised this article does not hit the editorial pick like prior article--lol. Probably I thought about that slight chance because I put much time to contemplate and dig for the meaning, due to my hard times. Translating this article (which published on last June 29, 2017), I start to contemplate and thinking about it once again, since the question of "When" and the uncertainty times, are quite difficult to get the right answer.

This is a story about my mom who was waiting for and got something after that. 

Do you believe that everything will come, just in time? I don't. I believe, if I want something and try hard, things I want will come no longer after that. But the world doesn't work with the way I want. Sometimes you need to wait for a long time, frustrating, without knowing when you will see that "The End", a sign that you have achieved one step of your dreams.

So did my mother.

When we moved house when I was in sophomore of JHS, our old house--which is only four houses away from current home--has changed tenants twice. None of them pleased my mother's heart. The first tenant did not pay the house rent on time, the second tenant was very dirty. Our home could not be recognized anymore from outside because the number of poster covering the window, wall, including every slit which can be used to stick that poster.

Mom was disappointed.

She thought, our home was rent cheap by the tenants because not every corner in home is plastered by ceramics. Then Momma saved and beautify our home. She thought, this time that house will be rented quicker. But Mom was wrong. For months she prayed, not even once the house was rented. Many people fell in love, but everyone frequently pulled back after knew the rent price of that house.

Of course Momma disappointed. She started to complained--once perhaps angry--and thought, how is the future of that house. We who heard her complained also had no vision, when will that house be rented.

Until one day Momma told, she was contacted by two families at once, who love that house. First, a young Bataknesse family with their children who is still studying in the Elementary School near home. Then, a small family of Chinese descent, consists of Gonggong (Grandpa)-Popo (Grandma) age more than 80 years old. 

One thing we don't know, Momma's waiting, anxiety and frustrated that she brought to her prays, and the choice she took, brought us more than a fortune. Both the neighbor in front of the old house until the neighbor at the end of valley, all of them praised because Mom got a good tenant.

Gonggong and Popo is very diligent. Different with the prior tenants, they always woke up in the morning, clean the house, and even plan orchid and other plants. The neighbor said, Mom was clever because she chose a tenant in the form of a family who love plants. "If people are getting used to take care of plant in his house, that person will exactly take care of the house well," they said.

Morning-afternoon-evening-night, Gonggong and Popo let their house open. They often chatted in terrace. From them, we--including the neighborhood--learnt about simplicity, openness and the warmth of the family. How Gonggong did not mind to take the initiative to take care almost all of the housework, to ease his wife.

Funny thing, this made our front-house neighbor argued, since Gonggong is more diligent than they who are younger than him. How Gonggong takes care of his wife, it becomes our hope too.

From Momma's waiting, I learnt to wait and get something. That if what we desired really is your fate, it will come just in time. When? I don't know. Not slow or fast according to man's time, but at the match time, when you are ready to receive that.

When it just right, you just know. Because your hope will come, along with the small happiness and lesson that acomppanies it. 

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