Ben dan Semua Perkecualian Itu

This is my third article for, an user-generated content (UGC) website, focusing on self-wellness. As an UGC website, of course I receive nothing for the article. However, I am happy enough to know that my article finally publish in media and see how perhaps, it gives impact to people. 😙

I know the topic is quite lame, 'cause it is very personal yet I am not pretty sure people would understand my message here--spoiler: it is on the last paragraph! So, here it is.. the English version of the article, which published on last July 15, 2017. Until September 27, 2017, it is read by 2K readers. Yeay!


His name is Ben. He is a beagle, pet by Bayu, my Elementary School's friend who lives in front of my grandfather's house.
Ben is the first dog which makes me fall in love and not afraid, although for years,  I was scared with that animal which has four legs. Probably because of trauma, when I was child, every time I passed the house of my senior as well as my neighbor, he always released his dog to tease me. Probably because I was not getting used to it, considering that my Dad and Mom always forbid me to touch, moreover to pet animals. Probably because I remember about the inconvenient accident, when the fish, the first animal I secretly bought in front of my Elementary School, perished because it was hit by my Daddy's coat. 
Ben is different. He is naughty, and also ignorant. I remember, when Grandma was still alive and fought of cancer, she always be entertained with Ben which, innocently entered to home, passed the family room, and almost peed there. Other times, Ben could visit home, asked for water and just left. 
I remember, I used to be heart broken during college, because Daddy said, Ben was disappeared. No one knows where Ben was. Until finally, two months later, a newspaper collector told Bayu that Ben was pet by people who lived in a blocked-away house. 
Ben finally did go home. But he became the different figure. More quiet and ignorant, perhaps because he was often locked up by Bayu and his family at home. They don't want to take a risk, one day Ben goes and disappears again. 
Now, whenever I am afraid to start something, whether it is relationship or work, I always remember Ben. That always be another Ben, which teaches me about the exception, to bravely start and love something, however sad, afraid, trauma, disappointed, angry and skeptical I am. 

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