Pekan Komunikasi UI 2015: Kota Tanpa taman Kota

At 22nd-25th April 2015, my friend, Aziz and I were competing in Pekan Komunikasi UI 2015. It is an annual competition in national level, which holds by the students from Communication Studies, Universitas Indonesia. One of their sub-competition in journalism issues called "Journalight.

This year, Journalight focused on video journalism, which promoted the decentralization of content for some Jakarta based television channel in Indonesia. Lucky me, it was a group competition, because I ain't pretty good in video making. It is Aziz's specialization.

(At 2014, Journalight promoted the issues of city's uniqueness which leads to the promotion of tourism. Every single candidate had to make a content which spreads in different channel: online news/ feature, photography, video, etc. The theme suited me, but that time, I had no brave to join the competition and kinda busy doing nothing in my apprentice, huft). 

I pushed Aziz to meet me everyday to finish the proposal, then video journalism. It was our fourth year in college, so we desperately hoped to win this competition. (Fyi, in Communication Studies UGM, it was pretty normal to graduate in fourth or fifth year. Before the system was renewed at March 2015, the process to submit your proposal then finish the final task is too complicated and overlong).

So, Aziz and I met in several different place everyday. From Perpustakaan Kota Yogyakarta, RM Srikandi (besides Ratnaningsih woman mass), Perpustakaan Pusat UGM, Circle K, etc. I remembered, we've listed lots of idea of city's problem in Perpustakaan Kota Yogyakarta, then finally decided a topic in RM Srikandi.

We chose a topic: the absence of city's park in Yogyakarta. The idea came from silly problem, I bought a new novel and wanted to read it aside from my room, library or cafe, but Yogya had no city park. Almost every kind of society's activity were centralized in Lapangan Grha Sabha Pramana (GSP) UGM. Meanwhile at that time, there was a rapid growth of city's development in Yogyakarta. Some contractors build new apartments, hotels, malls, housing complex but the government forgot to build a public place like a city park. The condition was different from my hometown, Semarang, where we have some city park.

This idea delivered us to second place and a chance for me to do an internship at PT Tempo Inti Media Tbk for a month. Yay!!! I was very grateful at that time.

Pardon my face. I just couldn't control my expression -___-
This photo is the courtesy of the Pekan Komunikasi UI 2015 committee.

A happy face after the announcement of the winner. Yay!

Here is the link of "Kota Tanpa Taman Kota" video, made by Aziz and me. Enjoy the video!

Honestly, Aziz made the whole video. I just contributed in the idea and proposal, since I'm not pretty good in video making and editing. However, I was very happy when the panel suggested us at the pitching time. They said, we might do better about the scene, by erased the background song and made a personalization of Lapangan GSP, then put it on the first scene. Thank you for the suggestion, anyway! :)


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